refer-a-buddy A tell a friend service for your web site
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Refer-a-buddy is a polished, professional application that will enhance your web site

Many cut 'n' paste scripts work - but only in the most basic way. However Refer-a-buddy is a robust, commercial-standard database-driven application. For example it uses advanced form validation - including pro-forma verification of email addresses. Because it uses predominantly server-side programming it works whatever browser or operating system your visitor is using.

Refer-a-buddy conforms to best practice anti-spam principles

Now you can put yourself on the side of the angels! If you want a plug-in that makes it easy for users to recommend your site to their friends, then Refer-a-buddy is for you. On the other hand if you just want a gimmick that lets you collect email address from users without their permission you need to look elsewhere. Refer-a-buddy is a tool with which you can collect email addresses - but only if the user opts to do so, and only if they like your 'privacy statement'! (With Refer-a-buddy you can choose to display any of four privacy statements to match your privacy policy). However, unlike some other tell-a-friend services, Refer-a-buddy never passes on the recipients email address. After all how could that conform to 'permission based' best practice? It is not reasonable to assume that the recipient wishes to join your mailing list just because the sender has agreed to this...

Refer-a-buddy sends out attractive, stylish, professionally designed HTML email recommendations

This is a great feature that will impress your customers. And just in case some of your customers have disabled HTML formatted emails, Refer-a-buddy follows web standards and encodes and embeds a plain text version of the web site referral message.

You can be up and running with Refer-a-buddy in minutes

There is no software or Perl script to install on your server. Just add a link to Refer-a-buddy on your web page and you’re done! If you wish, the link can be a fancy button of your own design or you can choose from our extensive library of stylish buttons.

Refer-a-buddy works straight out of the box but is also highly configurable

Refer-a-buddy allows you to control the appearance of the Refer-a-buddy popup form as well as the email that gets sent as your site recommendation. Just log on to your control panel and ‘point and click’ to set up your Refer-a-buddy preferences. Refer-a-buddy makes it easy for your visitors to recommend you without taking them off your site! Refer-a-buddy opens in a small popup window leaving your site visitors still looking at your web page.

Refer-a-buddy can notify you when someone uses it

Refer-a-buddy will (optionally) keep you informed when users recommend your site by sending you a copy of the referring email. This information can give you real insight into how thinking, feeling human beings view your site - much better than bland 'log' statistics!