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...add some tasty eye-candy to your web pages and hook yourself up to the power of viral marketing

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Discover how easy it is to install the Refer-a-buddy 'tell a friend' widget on your web pages!

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  • no scripts to download and install on your server
  • works with all browsers
  • attractive and configurable referral form and referral email
  • built in privacy policy
  • built in "opt in to mail list" option
  • powerful email address validation

A referral that you can be proud of...

If the recommendation for your site is sent in a plain, poorly formatted, text-only email then that is hardly likely to woo new visitors! And yet this what so many 'tell a friend' scripts do. With Refer-a-buddy you can choose from a selection of attractive styles and color schemes for the email recommendation. That means that you will be making the right impression with the recipient of the referral even before they click through to your web site!

As a web master resource Refer-a-buddy is perfect - a "tell a friend" service that looks cool, that adds smooth, professional functionality to your web design, and at the same time it is an invaluable web tool for driving traffic to your web site through the power of viral marketing. The only technical knowledge required is the ability to copy and paste a small piece of code into your web pages

Discover how to bring 'best practice' email harvesting to your web site

Don't be a spammer! Refer-a-buddy allows you to collect the email addresses of opt-in subscribers. But whenever you collect information from your site's visitors you need to show them that you care about and will protect their privacy. Refer-a-buddy takes care of this for you in an effortless way. You can choose whether or not to offer an 'opt in to mail list' check box on your Refer-a-buddy form. And you can select from one of four pre-defined privacy statements templates that will be available to your visitors on the form.

Gain a deeper insight into your web site's performance

Refer-a-buddy tracks the number of times your web site visitors make a referral, and also which pages are referred. These statistics tell you something that even the most expensive and sophisticated web site logs and trackers cannot give you! That is to say they measure a real human interaction with your web site. If someone decides to 'tell a friend' about what they have found at one of your web pages, then you can be sure they were pretty fired up and enthusiastic about it.

At last - double strength email validation to help you and your web site visitors

Email addresses are often long and complicated and most people are not expert typists. Our research shows that without validation as many as 40% of email addresses are entered incorrectly or are invalid! So any professional web application that asks a user for an email address will try to check that the email address is 'well formed'. Refer-a-buddy does this of course - but also goes one important step further and verifies that the web server referenced in the email address both exists and is up and running! Refer-a-buddy works for your visitors as an intelligent assistant to help them address their referral correctly and - if you are using the opt-in email check box - it makes it more likely that you will receive good quality email addresses for your database!

Now you can benefit from the power of viral marketing

Without a doubt, old-fashioned 'word of mouth' is one of the most powerful ways to publicize anything. So if a visitor to your web site likes what they see, why not offer them a simple and attractive way to spread the word? After all, put yourself in their position. Say you want to tell a friend about a web page you have seen. Are you going to try to remember the URL (the web page address)? Are you going to get on the phone and start spelling out the URL? Are you going to try to type out the URL in an email? Forget it! The refer-a-buddy 'tell a friend service' solves this problem by making it a simple matter for a visitor to pass on their recommendation - and consequently they are more likely to do it! Not only that, but this web tool makes sure they make the recommendation error-free. Refer-a-buddy knows the full and precise URL of your web page and places it as a clickable link into the recommendation email.